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Power from Within

How to Make Decluttering More Enjoyable Than Ever Before

by: Contributing Writer Alice Robertson

Decluttering doesn’t need to feel like an absolute chore. It can be an easy and fun way to spend a few afternoons, and you’ll have a gloriously organized home as an end result. Here are some tricks to clearing out the clutter in your house.

Declutter Like a Pro

This is a difficult process, not only because the sheer scale of it can seem overwhelming, but because we often have emotional attachments to things. We may feel guilty throwing out something we could use in the future or something that a loved one gave to us. However, such sentiments don’t serve us and can keep our homes feeling claustrophobic. If you want to preserve a memory, try taking a digital photo or writing about the memory attached to it in a journal. This way, you keep the sentiment but free up your house. Should the prospect of going through each room be too overwhelming, try to break it up. Do one desk at a time, rather than a whole room, and give yourself a reward at the end of the task.

Tackle the Bathroom

One of the trickier but most overlooked rooms to get sorted is the bathroom. How many half-full bottles of fragrance do you have? Do you own medicines that should have been disposed of safely years ago or toiletries that are dried up inside their containers? If so, it’s time to let go of items taking up room in your bathroom. After all, you only need a few tools to keep it clean, so why have all the extra? In fact, by doing a few daily chores, such as spraying down the shower after every use, you’d be surprised by how infrequently it needs a deep cleaning. To make things even easier, purchase a vacuum that can handle tile flooring, and prevent worries about getting out the broom and dustpan every few days to catch all the stray hair.

Organize the Bedroom

Arguably the most important room in our homes to keep us sane and relaxed is the bedroom. When it’s stuffed or messy, we may find it difficult to unwind. So, get things sorted by removing a few key items from the room entirely, including all tech — yes, this includes your phone — and work-related gear. Organize closets for maximum capacity, and put in shelving to store shoes or books underneath shorter hung garments, such as shirts or skirts. As well, add another bar to create additional hung storage, either above or below your current one, or on the inside of the closet door for accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, and even socks.

Clean Out the Kitchen

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of attending to the clutter in your kitchen, but it can be straightforward. Start by throwing away everything that is expired in your refrigerator, and toss spices that are just too old. Next, add storage wherever you can, like the sides of your cabinets, the inner doors, and even consider transforming the toe kicks into drawers. Keeping things hung, rather than in various containers on the countertops, can free up room for cooking and leave your kitchen looking fresh at all times.

Rearrange Your Living Spaces

While might think your current layout for your living space makes sense, you may just be used to it. Often, we can make a house appear more organized and spacious by rearranging the furniture. To decide what works best will need some reflection on how this area is predominantly used. Is it a place for the family to watch television, a casual dining room, or somewhere for you to get work done? Once you have established its primary function, you can adjust your furniture based on what you need and how it will work best.

A neat home doesn’t need to take endless labor and drudgery. After all, a clean and organized house can be a paradise, allowing us to fully relax and flourish. Clean regularly, keep things in order, and feel the benefit of having a tidy environment.

Image courtesy of Pexels