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Power from Within

Reiki Healing Services

Reiki Energy Healing Session 

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This Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on Hands". A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. It is an active meditation that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects. Many have reported miraculous results. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve some effects and promote recovery. A safe technique that has been widely accepted by medical practitioners for assistance in comforting the sick, pain management, concussion therapy and cancer treatment. Reiki is excellent for enhancing performance, sports recovery and injury, depression, and promoting well being. Reiki is a wonderful self care practice.


60 Minutes....$75.00

30 Minutes....$45.00

Energy Relaxer Session

This 1 hour session will be a blend of guided energy work which will include various relaxation and healing techniques: Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki (either hands on or distant), Aromatherapy mindful movements, tapping and NPL. The intention for the session is to elicit the relaxation response and activate the parasympathetic nervous. Excellent for self care, calming the nervous system, anxiety, and depression. Helps improve performance and cognitive functioning. This session is ideal for centering oneself and mood improvement. 

NEW: Sessions are available virtually - integrate healing in to your everyday living by inviting a healer/coach to your space. 


60 Minute Session...$100 Per Session

30 minute Session.....$60 Per Session

Intuitive Reiki Energy Feedback Session

Intuitive Reiki is an exceptional holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. Shawn accesses her intuitive abilities while administering concentrated life force energy through a series of gentle hand placements. In doing so, Shawn is able to further assist clients by offering spiritual guidance based on their energy state. Intuitive Reiki feedback can help clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward, open new energy paths or many times bring clarity or inspiration to the client. During a session, Shawn will work with the Chakra system and client's energy vibrations. 


60 minutes...$85.00

30 minutes...$50.00



This is a special Intention Healing Session that targets issues and/or concerns.

"The main reason people are not in optimum health is because they attract or create blocks to the flow of life energy within themselves. These blocks are usually made of ideas, beliefs, and emotions that are opposed to the person's maximum well-being. They are usually created because of misunderstandings about how to get one's needs met in a healthy way. Blocks to life energy are made of negative ki and usually take on a particular shape and lodge themselves in or around the organs of the body or in the chakras or aura. These negative energy blocks can cause health problems or difficulties in life. Once removed, the life energy returns to its normal, healthy flow. Reiki Clearing is a process that will assist in the healing of any problem or difficulty including emotional difficulties, relationship problems, addictions, spiritual problems as well as physical health problems. We all have dormant abilities inside ourselves waiting to be used. The ability to heal ourselves and each other is one of those abilities. It is simply a matter of claiming your power and developing the skill to use it. * *

Reiki Unburdening Aura Clearing Session is a design to target issues and concerns by blending a special reiki coaching technique and coaching. In a meditative state you will be guided to go inward, identify your blocks and listen to your inner wisdom. The session will conclude with the administering of reiki. This a healing and relaxing experience that allows you take charge of your inner power and use it to heal.

* If you have a physical or psychological problems please check with your licensed health care provider.

Session Fee please see our service page.

**Borrowed from the International Center for Reiki Training Manual


60 minutes .....$100 Per Session

30 minutes......$65 Per Session

Reiki Certification Training

All classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on experience and fun. All classes are taught by Shawn Marie Cichowski, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Karuna ReikiĀ® Master Teacher certified by the International Center for Reiki Training. Shawn Marie has studied under some of the most prominent teachers including William Rand and Licensed Senior Teachers of the ICRT. She follows the code of ethics and professional standards of practice set by the International Center for Reiki. 

Level I: Includes history of reiki, energy and chakras, hand placements, and scanning. Ideal for self treatment.

Level II: Includes reiki symbols, starting your own practice, and distant healing.

All levels include course manual, certificate, and attunements/placements. Please bring a bag lunch. Prerequisite for level II: any Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I course.

What you will experience

Reiki I & II:

Ocean Of Holy Love Experience

Learn what is Reiki

The Reiki Ideals

Reiki I Placement

Hands on Practice

Byosen Scanning

Practice self Treatment

ICRT Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice

Holy Love Experience

Reiki II Symbols

Distant Healing

How to work intuitively with Energy & Chakra

Reiki II Placement/Attunement

Practice Reiki

How to develop your practice



Fee: $175 pp- Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot.


Fee: $175 pp- Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot.

Three Day Training $950 pp

Payment Plans Available

Three Day Training $1025 pp

Payment Plans Available